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Sophie Froissart 

Certified Coach

NLP Master Practitioner

Collective Intelligence Facilitator

  • Locations :

    Switzerland and France

  • Languages
    French - English - Italian

To get to know who i am, you have the choice.

You can either start reading this metaphorical tale written about me … or just go on by reading the following.

I see myself as profoundly generous; I love life and the people. When I was a child, I enjoyed observing, listening with empathy and openness. I did not like talking much about me, and instead, loved going out meeting people, whoever they were, trying to see beyond what I could see in front of me. I always liked helping others, offer them a space, sometimes even challenge them in the hope they would reveal themselves and discover their own answers.
And that’s why using all these personal strengths I have developed since I was a child as the objectives of my current profession is like realizing my dreams: be in the service of others, very simply, and authentically.

When I was young, I was fascinated by the children: the beauty of their soul, the purity of their spirit, their own way of discovering life and things without judgments or restrictions, with confidence and appetite!
What I was interested in while reading my first grown up books was the “Other” – as different from me, and naturally, psychology became my preferred learning partner: searching, analyzing, and seeing beyond the visible. My quest for understanding and my fascination for the extraordinary complexity of the human being, as well as its richness and great potential, have never stopped intriguing me.

When I was about nine, I thought of becoming a mid-wife to be there at the right moment when life on earth shapes itself, where discovering begins and where relationships start … I grew up, and in the uncertainty of making the right choice, I oriented my studies towards trade, languages, trip organization and actually it did allow me to quench my thirst of discovering people and life. I therefore went through around twenty years of work for multinational companies, in the areas of coordination, communication and publication. I indeed learned a lot in this multicultural environment, I learned a lot about people, the complexity of their relationships, life in a company, its stakes, its challenges and its similarities with the so-called private life.

But I was more than eager to continue learning about people, and ten years ago, I started to look more closely into the personal development area, whatever shape it could take. 

Thanks to my determination and perseverance and following a long training program in Coaching and NLP, I became certified as a Coach in Personal Development and I took on the challenge to open my own business coaching practice with great success back in 2014.

I must say that since, I feel like I am opening up day after day and gaining a strong and powerful experience in my practice. Providing a space for listening with kindness and openness, and opening people’s potential: that’s my everyday work !
I am a member of the SR Coach (Société Romande de Coaching) and I am an elected board member of its committee which has the mission to promote and value the professional coaching activities such as mentoring, supervising, training. Also insuring a high certified professional coaching level and a commitment to comply with the Société Romande de Coaching  « Code of Deontology » that defines the rights and duties of the coaches towards their clients. 
I carry on my training related to personal development, and its advancement. I also attend seminars with peers, various conferences and training programs. I frequently engage in collective as well as individual supervision in my role as a coach.
I multiple various engagements in private coaching sessions as well as professional team coaching and facilitation in Collective Intelligence with various corporations and public entities.
I am fulfilled by my vocation, being consistently amazed with each new client, walking the path of discover, opening doors, using my skills, my intuition, my creativity to step on this road with the upmost professionalism. 
I like to co-create with my clients and propose a personalized coaching approach, an interlude in which the sphere of possibilities meets with concrete realization and evolution. Facing challenges is a key driver for me and my observation and curiosity on life experiences give rise to who I am at every given moment. 
Let’s meet, I will be delighted to answer your requests and together we will be able to define the frame of our collaboration and understand which part of the road we can walk hand in hand by fine tuning our expectations.
Looking forward to it,