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Profession : Public writer


«It may sound curious, but what I like the most in Sophie, is that she doesn’t really look like a « coach ».

She’s like me. She enjoys life, she listens, she speaks, she has her own weaknesses … and then, she says something, about you, about the sky or the clouds, about your children, about what you have just said … and it’s like a rising sun behind a mountain! You did not realize she was actually so acutely listening, or watching, or just being open …

And just a few minutes later, you wonder if you dreamed, she looks like anyone again, looking absent minded, as if what she said could have not existed. But it did, her words have made their way and you know that it will no longer be like before she spoke to you …

Believe me, go and see her, and if you think you have nothing to change in your life, just don’t speak : she’s a disguised magician… »

Profession : Public writer